How do I get a hold of the addons?Use the link below and follow the tutorialAddons: do I donate?Donating is very easy but make sure to read what pack you are buying, only 25$ and upwards will give you access to donor shopIf you have any issues or questions feel free to contact MooseDonating Information: HereDonating Shop: HereHow do I become a trained officerWe host training nights in the 3 major time zones look for a post detailing when the next session is make sure to sign upPolice Department: HereHow do I join Evolution GamingTo join us at EVO play with us for a week get to know members then submit an applicationApplication: HereI'm banned... What do I do?If you have been banned this usually means you have broken a rule to get unbanned please post a unban request but only if you have been banned permanently.Once you have submitted it please wait for the admins to come to a decision asking when you will be unbanned will take longerUnban request: HereHow do I report bugs that I find?If you have found a bug please report it this will help us improve gameplay for everyone that may be affected by itBug Report: HereHow do I make money?Making money is easy there are 2 ways to do this, Legal and illegal, guides have been created to helpGuidesI think the server needs a restart?If you think the server needs a restart please make a note of how long the server has been running and/or if there are any glitched slots then contact and AdminI need help what should I doDo not scream/spam over global saying you need an admin! What you can do, is to hop on our Teamspeak 3 server, if you don't have permission to move, wait a few minutes, and either an admin or a member will give you permission to move, once you can move, go down to In-Game Related[1][2]

I have some experience in developing, how can I help?If you think that you can help then create a Developer Application and our staff will review it and see if you fit what we need,Please include any work that you have done and if possible go into detail about itDeveloper Application: HereStill working on this