Make Money By DiamondsEdit

This is one of the easiest ways to make money on the server


Step 1.) Take out about $15,000 of your starting money.

Step 2.) Get a drivers license at civ spawn. (look on your map.)

Step 3.) Buy the cheapest car at the used car shop.

Step 4.) Locate "Diamonds" on the map. (Its just south east of the city)

Step 5.) with your car drive to the diamonds area.

Step 6.) park your car in the center of the diamonds area.

Step 7.) run around in the diamonds area to collect diamonds.

Step 8.) When your inventory gets full of diamonds, hop into the driver seat of your car

Step 9.) Hit "T" on your key board.

Step 10.) Drop all your diamonds in the car.

Step 11.) repeat steps 7-10 until your car and inventory are full of diamonds.

Step 12.) drive to the pond shop and diamonds, (Located on the north part of the map)

Step 13.) get us much diamonds in your inventory as you can.

Step 14.) Scroll wheel (or use TAB) to select "Process diamonds" then cell your diamonds using E on the barrels

Step 15.) repeat steps 13-14 until all your diamonds are gone.

Step 16.) ENJOY YOUR $100,000 !!!!!!!!